Why being visible online feels hard in a pandemic. And what we can do about it.

Writing stuff online is a funny old thing at the best of times. Who will read it? What will they think? Should we go personal and risk oversharing, or go sharp and professional and risk seeming cold? At the moment, writing content to stay professionally visible feels more difficult and more significant than ever. Personally, […]

My best biz books of 2019

Stack of books.

  They didn’t all come out in 2019, but 2019 was the year I read ‘em. A round-up of my favourite reads for business, writing, creativity and all that good stuff.    A Company of One – Paul Jarvis  For: Small business owners . Essential reading for any ‘solopreneurs’ or small biz owners who prefer to focus on excellent service […]

Are marketing explainer articles over yet?

Life ring.

A vague number of years ago, maybe ten, somebody realised that instead of yelling at people to buy stuff online it would be much more pleasant to create helpful content.  So began the era of the explainer article.  Broadly speaking, explainers are a helpful method of navigating through a sea of stuff. Complex political situation? Here’s a […]

Can you take a compliment?

Last night a good friend, whose opinion I value greatly, paid me a big compliment on my work. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It’s not the first time she’s done it. She’s been doing it for a while. But although my ears hear it and my mouth says thank you every time, does it ever really go in? Does it permeate? […]

Using the right words makes people take action.

I’m not about to go all political (well, not really), but there are some fundamental truths about communications in the digital age that have shown up in the recent European elections. First truth – be concise. Clarity is critical for engagement. I read somewhere last week (brilliantly) that the modern audience consumes messaging like they […]

Stop trying to do your best writing!

Want to engage an audience?  Speak through your words. Nobody wants to go onto a website and find heaps of overwritten copy that reads like a sixth form essay.   That’s why we need to stop trying so hard to ‘write’, and start trying to speak through our words instead.  Voice is a powerful connector. If you can […]

Can ‘Better Call Saul’ cure your imposter syndrome?

My friend Jules gave me this mug about three years ago, because of our mutual obsession with the TV series ‘Better Call Saul’. What she doesn’t know is that I use it as a mental pep talk whenever I start to wobble about my ability to do a job. I have my tea in my Saul mug. […]

Why are we so afraid of our own success?

Yesterday I spent an inspiring morning at Rudding Park with Quarterdeck learning how to be an inspirational leader.  Honestly, I went along as a geek-out. I love the theory behind leadership and employee engagement.  Workplace culture fascinates me – the people psychology that sits behind it even more so. Six years working in internal communications will do […]

What is my what?

I’m currently reading Emma Gannon’s ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method’ which explores the growing trend for ‘slashie’ careers – having multiple jobs or projects rolling simultaneously, rather than one job at a time. A portfolio career, but less briefcase-wielding than that sounds. It’s nice to feel I’m part of a movement, instead of a person who can’t […]