creative copy with heart and soul

Your messaging doesn’t have to be all me-me-me.

We need to let go of this idea that telling the world about our work is all about US.⁣

Our why. What we say, what we do, the actions that we take.⁣

This hyper-masculine idea that we must always be thrusting forwards with our message is starting to feel really dated. Because we know by now that being visible online is not a high-pressure, one-off, adrenaline-pumped performance. It is a conversation that grows over time.⁣

And, like a conversation, it is not one way. There is a balance.⁣

So take the pressure off. Take the performance out of it. The more you can relax into being yourself and letting your values shine out, the more you’ll keep showing up. And the more you keep showing up, the more likely it is that your right people will find you.⁣

Not the hangers-on. Not the follow-unfollowers. Not the wandered-in-here-by-mistakes.⁣

Your people. Your front row. The ride-or-dies. The people who get it.⁣

And speaking as ourselves is only half the story. We also need to allow space in what we’re saying for people to connect.

We need to find the place where what we love lines up with what’s in the hearts of the people we want to reach.⁣

Understand us. Understand them. Throw in some words, and watch the conversation begin.⁣

What do you think?