Who is The Mighty Pen?

That would be me, Penny Brazier. I’ve been writing and editing professionally for 15 years.

Moving into the communications industry from a drama script office taught me something amazing. The same principles apply to telling the story of your business as they do to a smash-hit Hollywood screenplay. Human stories create emotional reactions that help you build meaningful relationships with your audience.

That’s why I do what I do. Because I can help you talk to your customers in a way that really connects.

Copywriting Services

Web copy, print, blogs, social.

Everything you need to tell your story in a way that speaks directly to your dream client and brings them along for the ride.

Communications Services

Every incredible journey needs a map.

I can work with you to create an authentic, no-nonsense communications strategy that gets you in front of the people you need to talk to. Are you ready to get seriously inspired about your next steps?