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Six ways to write about what you do with confidence

These days, every freelancer or small business owner seems to be an expert in building their personal brand online. But here’s the secret. Even the people who show up online for their businesses and make it look easy don’t feel great about it ALL the time.

It’s impossible to have that level of self-belief 24/7.

When you learn that the sticky “the words just won’t come” and “I’d rather sit under this desk and hide, thanks” feelings are just part of the process, you can have a quick breather and get back to being visible.

Because taking action is where confidence grows.

Feeling stuck? Here are some great ways to get the ideas pumping again:

Get clear on your value.

What’s your X factor? Why do people choose you over your competitors? If you’re feeling stuck,  go through your customer reviews or testimonials for inspiration. Or ask for more!

Get used to talking about what you do.

How clear is your offering from what you have online? Nobody can buy from you or recommend you for work unless they know what it is you do and how they can access it. Keep throwing in the mentions.

Stop trying to please everybody.

Lean into the unfollows. It’s far better to play to a small crowd who are singing every word than a stadium full of people who can’t remember why they’re there.

Speak directly to your people.

Fall in love with your ideal customer and write about the stuff that matters to you AND them.

Keep showing up.

Not always easy, but the more you do it the more normal it will feel. Set yourself a realistic schedule that allows for consistency without burning you out. And if resting now means you can show up with full force later? Then take that break.

Do it your way.

When you feel yourself getting wobbled by comparisonitis, it’s time to put on the blinkers and keep going. You’re the best version of you there is. Remember how far you’ve come.

You’ve got this.


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