creative copy with heart and soul

Why should we write?

Because writing can give us answers to our problems.

Sometimes we find clarity. Sometimes we find relief. Sometimes we hit publish and make a connection with somebody whose brain fog matches ours, and it makes us feel less alone.

Sometimes it’s just good to get The Stuff out so it’s not whirling relentlessly around our heads anymore.

We’re in the middle of the weirdest year of our lives so far. That means we’re all having to do so much more mental processing. Working through it all with words can help. A pressure release valve for the mind.

But when the pressure is on it’s so much easier to get jammed. Overloaded. How can we write when there’s no time, no energy, no headspace? So we allow ourselves to rust.

This is my clarion call to you.

Write today. Write to get lost in your ideas. Write to play (when else do we really get to play for ourselves?). Write to unearth answers to your deepest questions. Write so that someone else might read it and feel less alone.

Write for long enough, often enough, and you’ll get better.

Keep writing, keep refining, and you’ll strengthen your writing voice.

You’ll turn up your volume. You’ll find your power. You might even set yourself free.

The question is not “why should we write?”

The question is, can we afford not to?

What do you think?