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The small business superpower that big brands wish they had…

One thing I firmly believe about all this marketing jazz is that nobody really knows what they’re doing. 

The big brands may have more years under their belt and more people on the payroll, but at the end of the day, they’re just doing the same thing as you and me with more cash. 

You’ve got as much chance at knocking this out of the park as they have.


As small business owners we have a killer advantage over them – we can be ourselves in what we write and build meaningful relationships with our customers online. 

We can grow communities, attract advocates, superfans, and friends.

That stuff is just easier for us.

Because people are more likely to want to hang out with other people than a logo and the anonymous social media executive behind it (any social media executives reading this – you know this struggle is real).

We’re free to experiment, we have no board to please, no stakeholders overruling our great ideas, and we can change direction anytime we want.

Sometimes that freedom makes me feel giddy, sometimes it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. I think that’s probably normal.

It’s just worth remembering that, although we might feel small, we have mighty superpowers.

It’s entirely up to us whether we choose to use them.

What do you think?