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Writing for human connection.

An online workshop with Penny Brazier.

Tuesday 1 February
8 – 9.30pm

You care deeply about your work.

But when it comes to promoting yourself online, you struggle for words.

There’s so much helpful marketing advice out there telling you what you should be saying, and when, and where, and why. 

It should be paint-by-numbers, right? But somehow putting into practice is a different matter. 

It feels HARD right now. Harder than it should.

Why is that?

 Why is it so hard?
                                 Where are the words?
                                                                          Where is the flow?
                                                                                                             Where IS IT?

Listen. I’m not here to tell you what to do. The one-size-fits-all approach is bullshit. It just doesn’t work. 

No ‘top ten tips’ article in the world knows you, or your business, or what makes you special. 

The only person who has the answers is you, and I promise you, you have them already. Everything you need is right there. 

So what if I told you we could work together to unlock the words, unclog the flow, unstick those ideas and get you excited about writing for your business on a whole new level?

What's the plan?

Writing for Human Connection is a one and a half hour online workshop where we’ll be getting together to figure out how to express ourselves online, in our own way, to each of our unique communities, in a way that really connects.

We’ll be taking a long, cold, hard look at the things that are holding us back – including the impact of the last two years.

We’ll be stripping away the fear, rediscovering what lights us up about our work, and learning how to put it front and centre in what we say.

We’re going to be putting pen to paper in real time,  rediscovering our own unique voice and getting confident in using it.

You’re going to leave feeling uplifted, supported, possibly a little challenged, definitely inspired, and ready to go out and work your words like never before.

This workshop is for you if...

You’re building a community of customers online.

You’re looking to find ease and flow in how you engage with them.

You want to connect with people who really get it — and get you.

You’re ready to break away from ‘comparisonitis’ and write it your own way.

This workshop is not for you if...

You want a simple five-step solution.

You’re perfectly happy in your comfort zone, thank you very much.

You’re not prepared to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in! This is an interactive workshop so you’ll have tasks to work on during and after, plus lots of deep thinking and writing to do.


"Realising the power of words, and using my tone of voice to grow my audience has been mind-blowing.

My ideas are flowing onto the page like smarties out of a tube. Thank you Penny!"
Laura Adams

Are you ready?

Join us!